Landscape Design

Landscape Architecture / Design

Stage 1 – Concept design

This stage involves a site visit to discuss your needs, giving us an interim opportunity to devise a plan and workshop some initial ideas – to best use your current space. This may include the addition of an entertaining area, swimming pool, or BBQ area – to make better use of your outdoor spaces. We will discuss your budget and how to best manage it during the design and construction process.

Stage 2 – Council Application

If you require a Development Application or a Complying Development Certificate (CDC), this may result in a site-specific assessment of your landscape by other professionals – depending on the design elements and you council’s requirements.

Initial site consultation will cost $220+GST. After this meeting we can discuss a design fee proposal – including a detailed design brief and the associated costs involved.

Yes. Fifth Season are Licensed Structural Landscapers and Pool builders, with an in-house construction team who manage a hand picked group of specialist trades. All sub-contractors understand the importance and quality of our work ethics, resulting in high levels of attention to detail.

Pool Design & Construction

Pool Design & Construction

Yes. The Fifth Season Design Team will design a pool that is integrated into the wider landscape within your premises. The design of a good pool has to consider style, aesthetic, scale, aspect, material and product selection.

During the pool design stage, the details of your pool are created based on your wants, needs and budget – combined with our nous for pool design and construction. This will include size, shape, step design and swim-outs as well as spas, water features and material finishes.

Yes. As fully licensed pool builders, we proudly construct all pools with our in-house professional team. We design and build in conjunction with the surrounding landscaping works. Not only does this compress the construction time but you’ll get one dedicated Site Manager, and one set of construction plans – for both pool and landscaping. This eliminates compromising due to crossover.

As with our Landscape Construction, you will be allocated a Construction Manager for your pool and landscaping project. This Manager will be the only point of contact you will require for the entire project – managing everything, including the timeline.

Our pool quotes will include ALL essential items to meet current Australian Standards. This includes all certification and the associated planning / documentation, engineering, supply of tiles and pavers materials, pool fencing and power supply to pool equipment. Getting you in the pool faster, with a lot less effort.

Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

Yes. A landscape design will allow us to discuss the project with enough detail to allow for an accurate price estimate. This design process will also determine whether council approvals are required, which can impact cost and timing.

Yes. All items discussed during the design phase will be included in the detailed estimate.

Every landscaping job is unique. Some require approval from your local council and some may be carried out as an exempt development. At Fifth Season Landscapes we do our best to design within the exempt development rules so your design can come to life as quickly as possible – without the hassle and associated costs of dealing with council. If your design does require council approval, we can help manage the process to ensure you are supported from the beginning to the end.

Prior to beginning construction, the Fifth Season Design Team will engage in a detailed handover to both your dedicated Construction Manager and Site Manager. This handover ensures that intricate details are acknowledged and the construction takes place as per the design.

A communication channel remains open throughout the entirety of your project. This ensures consistency and enables the whole team (Design & Construction) remain involved throughout the works – including any ‘tweaks or changes’ along the way. This maximizes the integrity of the design and minimizes compromises due to rushed on-site decisions.

Our construction teams work with and manage, a tight team of specialist trades and sub-contractors who understand the importance of our Construction Programs and our attention to detail.

Your designated Construction Manager is available for phone calls and regular meetings to discuss access, progress and timings – and to answer any of your questions.

Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Professional garden maintenance is about nurturing your surroundings to ensure a healthy and tidy garden. Each season needs a different program, so we’ll customize a plan to suit your site-specific issues including environmental elements, desired results and allocated budget.

Once your garden has been designed and constructed, you will need to maintain it in order to keep it looking great and encourage the space to reach its full potential.

One of our maintenance professionals will meet you on site for a consultation to help create a plan to ensure your garden gets the right amount of attention – only when it’s needed.

Our rates are based on industry standards for quality workmanship.

Additional materials (fertilizer, pest spray, garden rubbish removal etc.) will be clearly marked on the invoice, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

For any items requested outside of the regular maintenance program, like new plants, pots or irrigation, we will provide a quote including materials and labor for your approval, before commencement.

Lawn Care (residential, strata & acreage)

  • Mowing – based on season & agreed routine
  • Weed, pest and diseases – identification & control methods
  • Fertilizing – tailored programs & rejuvenation
  • Turf installation, aeration, top dress – repairs and new lawns

Garden Care

  • Weed control – mechanical and chemical methods
  • Pruning and hedging – formal and informal
  • Pests and diseases – identification and treatment
  • Mulching and water retention – new gardens to replenishment
  • Plant supply and replacement – small to advanced plant stock


  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Automation
  • Drip conversions
  • Pop-up sprays