Outdoor cooking


One of the first steps to designing the perfect cooking station is understanding how you use your outdoor living area.

How often do you use your BBQ midweek and what do you like to cook on the weekends? If you’re anything like me it’s gas cooking mid week and I’m all about charcoal cooking on the weekend. Low and slow.

When designing a built-in BBQ in outdoor living areas we are often asked to incorporate gas BBQs, charcoal BBQs, smokers, Argentinian grills, the list goes on and on. Trying to get combinations of these products (in one project all these in one space) can be tricky so the design process is critical. Understanding the way these products are used and the space required to be functional is so important.

Keeping your outdoor cooking area close to the kitchen is handy but not always possible so make it self-sufficient. Add a fridge, a tap and sink and plenty of preparation space.

As blokes we spend a lot of time around the BBQ either at home or at a mate’s place. The BBQ area is more than a place to cook great food – it’s a place to hang out with good friends and solve the worlds problems. Extra bench space with stools or a long leaning bar will work well in keeping your guests comfortable even if they are critiquing your cooking techniques.

So where to from here? Design the key areas first, make sure you fit in all the elements you need and make sure you have enough room for people to move freely in the area.

Do this and you’ll have a great cooking space for years to come!


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