The importance of Landscape Design


5 points on the importance of landscape design:

Whether you are planning a complete garden renovation or just making minor changes to an existing garden landscape, sourcing a design is the crucial first step that most people overlook.

A landscape design is the best way to get a visual representation and detailed understanding of your overall investment before committing to construction.

Begin with the end in mind – Get a design. Talk to an expert in the field of design and construction with experience designing and building all types of landscapes.

Arrange for a site consultation – The landscape architect or landscape designer will assess the site conditions including existing levels, the position of your house in relation to the landscape area and the aspect.

As the client, this is your chance to discuss your needs i.e. why are you getting this work done? How will it be used by the members of your family? Will it need approval? All these questions, and more, are vital in you getting your best result. The designer will take all this information into account while designing your landscape.

Talk about your budget – How much will all this cost? Discuss your budget with your landscape designer. It is difficult to estimate an overall price when you don’t know the cost of things. This is where the designer can inform you of ball park costs to help you prioritise areas and keep control of your budget.

Invest – Pay for a design. Allow the landscape designer the time to develop the landscape design with focus on the size, shape and scale of all affected areas.

Will your concepts need to comply with your local councils requirements? An experienced designer will know how these regulations apply to your property and how they will affect your final approval.

In comparison to the build costs this should be viewed as a wise investment as it is the most effective way to understand how the space will work. 3D designs are really useful and are easier to read than a traditional plan


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